HTTP Client

HTTP Administrator

The HTTP Admin allows quick and easy HTTP Requests by exposing:


We start by importing the necessary interfaces and establish the service factory.

#include "aossl/http/client/factory_http_client.h"
#include "aossl/http/client/http_interface.h"

HttpClientFactory http_client_factory;

//Declare the admin
HttpInterface *ha = http_client_factory.get_http_interface();

Send a get request:

std::string returned_string = ha->get(GETURL, 5);

Send a put request:

bool success = ha->put(PUTURL, "123", 5);

Send a post request:

success = ha->post(POSTURL, "CLYMAN", 5);

Send a delete request:

success = ha->del(DELETEURL, 5);


The HTTP Admin has a mutex around the internal send() method, called by all exposed API methods. This means that the HTTP Administrator is thread-safe, but only one message will be sent at a time.

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